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  • April, 18, 2014 How Can Design Describe The Personality Of The Owner?
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  • April, 18, 2014 Three Artists Have Been Short-Listed for the BP Portrait Award 2014 at the National Portrait Gallery  In a record-b
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  • April, 07, 2014 Art Everywhre Celebrates American Masters Come summer
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  • March, 25, 2014 Scrap metal find turns out to be $33 million Faberge golden egg  A $14,000 jumble sa
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  • March, 25, 2014 Reg Mombassa, other Australian artists lobby Federal Government to retain artwork resale royalty  
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  • March, 07, 2014 Prominent art dealer: Paintings stolen from Cuba’s National Museum of Fine Arts now in Miami  Works of art recently discovered stolen from the collection
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artists in the spotlight

Paige DePonte Malibu, Ca

Todd Giroux Los Angeles, California

Ganna Halvorsen Malibu, California

Paul Bond San Clemente, CA

Lauren Szabo San Francisco, California

Michael Dvortcsak Ojai, California

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